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Our little Cookiebug

In Memory of our


Cookie passed away on March 6th, 2000 at 14 years, 3 months of age.  She was known as my "little bug". The below story she tells was written a year before she died, but I still feel she's telling the story from above.  The thoughts I have for Cookie each and every day make my days filled with hope, like a good luck charm.  She was a very special and unique Samoyed and will be missed very much.
Pinehill's Lil Sugar Cookie 
  Mytee Samoyed's foundation



Hi!  My name is "Cookie", but my nickname is "Cookiebug"

     I thought I'd tell you about myself and introduce you to the person who raised me since I was a 6 month old puppy.  I am now over 13 years old, and spend practically every day with my mom, Tina.  During the day, I follow her around the house as she does her chores.  When she watches T.V. or works on the computer, I always try to join her.  When she sits down, I lay down.  When she heads for the refrigerator, I head for it too!  (All the their snacks are are in the refrigerator, mine are on top.)  She has been pretty good about giving me my daily "snacks".  I look forward to getting one each day.  

     The picture below is my mom, Tina, showing one of my other sons "Chip", Ch. Mytee's C C Cookie Monster, "C C" stands for "Chocolate Chip".  Chip was the only boy in my last litter of six.  I think that's why she chose the name "Cookie Monster".  I thought it was nice of her to name him after me; although, I clearly am not a monster!  Well, it's time to turn this page over to her.  It's nice to have you here and I hope you enjoy the visit!

Chip just won Winners dog and Best of Winners for a five point major
Hi!  My name is Tina!
         I've had a love for the Samoyed breed since I was twelve years old.  I've been showing and raising Samoyeds since 1985.  When I was a little girl, I had a very close and dear friend named, Mandy, who was part Samoyed.  I trained her to do quite a few unique tricks, like shake with all four legs, go over three hurdles in a row, and of course, roll over.  Mandy was a special friend and she would do anything for me, and visa versa.  One day, my dad, a couple of his friends, Mandy, and I were going up the Snake River on a boat to go fishing, and we were in a bad boat accident in swift current.  I had no life jacket on, and I was floating rapidly down the river.  I was getting really tired, so I started yelling for help.  Mandy had been swimming all over the river, and she was near the shore when she heard me.  She swam back to the middle of the river to reach me and as I was reaching for her collar, I was swept up in a small boat by Wally Beamer, who had heard us yelling while working in his shop.  It was only then that Mandy swam to the opposite shore and waited for someone to pick her up.  Although Mandy was not able to continue helping me, I will always remember her courage and dedication.  After Wally rescued me, we then went to pickup one of the two men from our boat.  Wally and I pulled him in the boat, not realizing, he had a heart attack while in the water. By that time, it was too late.  He was dead. 

         Myrna Beamer picked me up at the shoreline and took me to her home.  I then called my mom at work in Lewiston (26 miles away) to tell her what had happened and to please come.  The first car to make it to the scene was a reporter from KLEW TV.  More people came after that.  It was quite awhile before my dad made it up to the house to see me, but the big hug from him was worth the wait.  The whole time, I kept my eyes out the window at Mandy across the river, hoping that someone would bring her back.  I will never forget that day, the 10th of February, 1978. 

        Mandy joined "The Rainbow Bridge" in 1986.  Please take a moment to view our site,  Mytee's Rainbow Bridge which is our special dedication to her, along with some of the other Samoyeds from Mytee that have since joined her.  


     The "Mytee Samoyed" gang has come a long way.  Through the years we've been to many more shows, traveled all over the Northwest, attended four SCA National Specialties, but it's all slowed down the last several years as I've been working towards my judges license under semi-retirement.  I only have two Samoyeds left in my life at this time, Juan and Libby (see below), but I still get the urge to enter a dog show when it's feasible.  I have so many pictures from showing my dogs through the years that I'd love for you to see, so be sure to check out all my pages to see them all! 
Trip going to the Missoula dog shows 
Left to right:  Best of Breed - Chip with Tina, Best of Winners/Winners Bitch - Willow with Kathy, Reserve Winners Bitch - Niki with Tess
Motor home caravan trip to the Richland shows
Stetson family picture left to right:  Julie with Stetson, Hollie with Artic, Tess with Panda, and Tina with Libby.
Mytee Samoyeds in the present...


Northfork's Give Me Liberty

     Ch. Northfork's Stetson V Coty X Ch. Snowonders Causing Chaos



Northfork's White Sport Coat

Ch. Orkdomain's Hit'n the Hi Note X Northfork's Give Me Liberty (ptd)




Rexann's Mytee Pretty in Pink

     Ch. Rexann-Nerak Capital Gains X Ch. Rexann's I Candee


 This web site is dedicated to all the

past, present, and future Samoyeds

that will always be close to my heart.



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